Tips & procedure

As written in my book Generated From The Vacuum, the Binaural and Binaural Tone techniques send different frequencies to our left and right hearing systems.

It is therefore always necessary to use earphones only, in order to allow the synchronization of the two hemispheres and the consequent perception of the induced third frequency.

The Binaural and Binaural Tone frequencies and the music with the subliminal frequencies have a studied duration of 30 minutes.

While listening to the frequencies, the sound must penetrate you and become part of you and not a foreign subject, so it is essential to find the right level of listening, low and very relaxing. To do this, before starting to listen, position yourself in the middle of the songs and frequencies, the point where the sound level is at its maximum and adjust them to the right level, low and relaxing with which to then listen to the frequencies and music from the beginning. .

To obtain the first effective results, the complete cycle of the program includes an initial treatment of 15 days, then repeated two more times.

The first cycle must be followed by a 3-day break followed by the second, with the same break and so on the third.

At the end of the complete treatment it will be you and you alone who decide whether to continue with further treatments.

The programs of group A provide both the Binaural or Binaural tone frequencies, to be listened to with the use of earphones, since as explained above, different frequencies are emitted on the right and left, and 30-minute musical pieces containing the subliminal frequencies.

It is suggested to carefully follow the indications and uses of the music of the programs, since they really contain the subliminal frequencies, unlike many ambient music spread on the internet.

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